Command-Line OptionsΒΆ

Our example scripts all use the WorldConstructorCommandLine utility. This means that when you launch them from the command-line, for example with:

python -m Shady run custom-functions


python <path-to-package-installation-location>/Shady/examples/

then in either case, the demo (here will support additional optional command-line arguments. One of these is --help, so you can find out what other arguments are supported. Some of them may be specific to the particular demo. But most of them are used to determine the arguments that get passed to the World constructor. For example:

python -m Shady run custom-functions  --screen=2

will cause the custom-functions example to pass screen=2 to the World() constructor and hence to run on your second screen (perhaps you would have run python -m Shady screens first, to help you decide on the correct screen number).

One command-line option, --console, arises from the python -m Shady mechanism itself rather than the demos and their WorldConstructorCommandLine(). It is supported by the run and demo subcommands and determines the level and type of interactivity while the script is running.

For more details, see: